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Do you know what are challenge coins? Have you seen them before or maybe you have already received one as a gift or token? The challenge coins were noted to have started in World War I where the soldiers are being rewarded by the military because of their victory in the war. It is still unknown who is the person who first used a challenge coin. However, history confirms that the challenge coins serve as proof of membership in a certain group or organization. These also show the pride, honor and bravery of the people holding it.

custom-coinsThe challenge coins come in different sizes and designs. This is what makes them extra special. Aside from their traditional purpose in the military service, it is also possible to use them in different organizations or companies. It is possible to customize them in such a way that the logo or emblem of a particular company is imprinted on them. This may be given as a token of reward or appreciation to employees or group members. What are the special things about custom challenge coins?

The challenge coin has great design. The design is based on the insignia or symbol of the organization, company or even on your own artwork. What makes them attractive to the other people is their design. A colorful challenge coin is much more attractive than the standard design, which usually have only a single tone. You can make your own design, or maybe you can ask a company to make it for you.

With, we can make custom challenge coins that can accommodate all your desired styles and designs. You may send us your designs and we will respond to you as soon as possible by providing a digital copy of the coin. We want to help you decide more and to make some changes, if there is any, before finalizing your orders.

The edge of the challenge coin is also a big part in making it more special. It pertains to the designs of the edges that aim to make them more creative. If you want a classic look, you may choose the standard edge. However, if you want your coin to be more elegant and special, you may choose the rope cut edges, oblique, cross cut or wave cut. All these kinds of edges are available at You can access detailed pictures of these coins by visiting our website. You have the right to choose what is the best kind of edge that you want for your custom coins.

Furthermore, the metal of the coin is important. It makes the challenge coins more precious. Commonly, the challenge coins are made of brass, but other companies also use gold or silver as primary materials. When choosing the right metal for your coin, consider the purpose of where you will use it. The offers many choices of metal styles. We have antique and polished metals. You can choose from gold, silver, nickel, brass and copper metals. To know more about our metal styles, you can visit our site and click the options section.

The enamel touches of the challenge coin also add to its special appeal. There are hard and soft enamel finishings. This can make the coins smoother. Some companies also offer 3D designs. The 3D design makes the coins more realistic and bolder. The offers these, as well.

We have 3D designs and cutouts, as well as epoxy coating and enamel finishing for your custom coins.

The other additional designs for your custom coins are engraved text and offset prints. The engraved text adds a detailed appearance to your custom coins while the offset prints add a more realistic appearance. Visit our site to know more about our additional offerings.

The packaging of the custom challenge also makes it more creative. The packaging comes in many types like placing it in a box, velvet bag, coin capsule, or even in a pouch. These kinds of packagings are important, especially if you plan to offer these items as gifts or rewards. We have all these kinds of packagings. Contact us for more inquiries regarding our products and services.

The challenge coins provide us honor and pride, and also make our personality special. These coins are specially made for people who are proud of where they belong.