How To Find The Taylormade Golf Club That You Need

How do you choose among a Taylormade golf driver, sand wedge, putter, or iron? Like everything that comes with the game of golf, getting the right equipment can be beneficial to your game. Trouble is, buying the right equipment is not as easy as it sounds. Even professionals get confused at times. At Rockbottomgolf, we have encountered enthusiasts who spend hours on end trying to find the perfect driver when all they need is a wedge.

There are simple rules to finding the right golf clubs and the search starts with an understanding of one’s skill level.

Beginners, intermediate players, and advanced golfers all have different skills thereby requiring different sets of Taylormade golf clubs. Beginners can do away with less equipment as they won’t know what to do with dozens of clubs in their bags. Clubs should be bought based on your strength and general posture at this phase. We can’t teach you how to swing but we can provide a club that will help you improve your technique.

Taylormade Golf ClubIntermediate players will find modern designed clubs quite advantageous. Any type of club will work at this stage but we always advice these players to look at options which are rather forgiving, the irons. These are easier to control and will help every-now-and-then misses to stay in bounds. As for more experienced golfers, Taylormade golf clubs that are either traditional or customized are the best bets.

Aside from one’s skill level, it is also important that players at least have some idea as to what they need for their game. With professional tournaments having a limited number of allowed clubs per bag, players need to find the right combination of irons, hybrids, and wedges. One driver and one putter is pretty fixed so options will come in the aforementioned categories. Aside from the club type, the shaft length and material should also be given ample consideration here.

Depending on the situation, bigger can be better sometimes. This pertains to the driver which gives the most amount of force per swing. The larger it is, the more inertia it can generate thus flinging the ball at greater speeds and distances. We often advice golfers to choose the Taylormade golf drivers that they can control before focusing on size. There is really no use to a heavy-headed driver if the player cannot use it properly on the tee.

Golf ballAs for the wedge, be mindful of the lofts. It is important for the club to have at most a 56 degree wedge so that golfers can achieve a decent bounce angle per hit. These days, wedges are fabricated from stronger yet lightweight materials enabling for farther hits. We advice golfers that carry more than one wedge in their bags to consider a 4 to 5 degree loft difference among the Taylormade golf clubs.

Golfers that possess a greater level of skill should definitely consider having everything from the drivers to the wedges and irons custom made. Clubs should fit the player or else shots can easily miss the green and cost him the game. With companies like Taylormade offering numerous options for heads, shafts, and lofts, getting fitted for a set of golf clubs is easier these days. Also, innovative technological software is being used to improve the fitting process ensuring that all measurements are highly precise.

GolfJust like the clubs, the ball you use is also important in this highly calculated game. For one, players lose golf balls quite often. This is why the rule of thumb is to select gold standard brands if someone else will be paying for them yet choosing more basic options when the cash will come out of your own pocket. At Rockbottomgolf, we don’t go for the quick buck. If a client does not need it, we won’t push for them to buy it. Succeeding depends more on the technique than the kind of ball used during play. Always remember that.

Of course, lessons are part of essential golf equipment especially for those who are new to the sport. There is nothing but good that will come from a golf lesson. For less than a fifth of the price of a quality driver, you can improve your technique and eventually your game. There is really no losing with this kind of investment so keep it at the back of your mind. Consider these tips the next time you are in search for the perfect golf equipment and be on your way to perfect rounds of golf.

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